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Frequency:670 AM
Phone: 312-644-6767 / 312-591-6700
Address:180 N Stetson Ave #1250, Chicago, IL 60601
Website: https://www.audacy.com/670thescore
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/670TheScore
Twitter: https://twitter.com/670TheScore
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/670thescore/

In the heart of the Windy City, where sports pride runs deep and victories are celebrated with resounding cheers, 670 The Score stands tall as Chicago's most listened-to sports radio station. Not only does it capture the essence of the city's sports passion, but it also holds the prestigious title of being the home of Chicago Cubs baseball. Let's explore the dynamic world of sports talk and the unrivaled excitement of Cubs fandom that makes 670 The Score a cornerstone of Chicago's sports landscape. Tune in to 670 AM on The Score and experience the pulse of the city on radio-us.com.

670 The Score: A Symphony of Chicago Sports:

670 The Score is not just a radio station; it's a symphony of Chicago's sports spirit. With a dynamic lineup, passionate hosts, and a dedicated focus on delivering top-notch sports content, The Score has become synonymous with the heartbeat of Chicago sports.

Home of Chicago Cubs Baseball:

For Cubs fans, 670 The Score is more than just a radio station; it's a sacred space that chronicles the journey of Chicago Cubs baseball. From the crack of the bat to the roar of the crowd, The Score brings the iconic Wrigley Field experience to fans' ears, making it the ultimate destination for Cubs enthusiasts.

Listen Live on radio-us.com:

Immerse yourself in the thrilling world of Chicago sports by tuning in to 670 The Score on radio-us.com. This online platform ensures that you can stay connected to The Score's dynamic programming, whether you're at home, in the car, or on the go. Simply search for 670 The Score, and let the sports conversations unfold.

Unlocking The Score's Spectrum:

670 The Score: The frequency that resonates with Chicago's sports soul.

670 The Score Listen Live: Your direct portal to real-time sports excitement.

670 The Score Twitch: An innovative avenue for engaging with sports content in real-time.

A Chicago Institution: Cubs Fandom and Beyond:

670 The Score has ingrained itself as a Chicago institution, not just for sports talk but as the soundtrack to Cubs fandom. Whether it's the highs of a playoff run or the shared disappointment of a tough loss, The Score is where Cubs fans find solace and celebration.

Dynamic Lineup: Passionate Hosts, Engaging Shows:

What sets The Score apart is its dynamic lineup of passionate hosts who live and breathe Chicago sports. From morning shows that kickstart your day with sports banter to evening programs filled with lively discussions, each host brings a unique perspective, making The Score a diverse and engaging platform.

Innovation Meets Sports: 670 The Score Twitch:

670 The Score doesn't just stick to traditional airwaves; it embraces innovation. With the introduction of 670 The Score Twitch, the station takes its interactive sports content to a new level. Engage with hosts, participate in discussions, and be part of the live sports experience in real-time.

Be Part of The Score Community:

Join the community of passionate Chicago sports fans that call 670 The Score home. Engage with hosts, share your thoughts on social media, and be part of the spirited discussions that make The Score more than a station—it's a community.

670 The Score is more than a sports radio station; it's a cultural institution that amplifies the voice of Chicago sports enthusiasts. Tune in to 670 AM on The Score, let the cheers reverberate, and allow The Score to be your companion on the exhilarating journey through the dynamic world of Chicago sports. Whether it's the crack of the bat or the insightful banter, 670 The Score captures the essence of Chicago sports like no other.

  • Call sign: WSCR
  • Frequency: 670 AM
  • City of license: Chicago, IL
  • Format: Sports
  • Owner: Audacy
  • Area Served: Chicago
  • Sister stations: 93XRT, WBBM Newsradio 780 AM & 105.9 FM, 104.3 Jams, US99, B96