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KOST 103.5 FM

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Frequency:103.5 MHz
Phone: +1 800-929-5678
Address:3400 W Olive Ave #550 Burbank, California, United State
Website: https://kost1035.iheart.com/
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KOST103.5
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/1035KOST
Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/kost1035fm
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/KOST1035fm

In the city where dreams are spun into reality, KOST 103.5 FM emerges as the melodic heartbeat of Los Angeles. Nestled in the midst of palm-lined boulevards and star-studded sidewalks, KOST 103.5 sets the stage as the Adult Contemporary station that defines the essence of the City of Angels. As the purveyor of feel-good tunes and the proud home of the Ellen K Morning Show, KOST 103.5 FM isn't just a radio station; it's the sonic tapestry that threads through the diverse fabric of Los Angeles. Let's delve into why KOST 103.5 FM is the definitive sound of the city, inviting you to experience the magic of Adult Contemporary on radio-us.com.

KOST 103.5 FM: A Symphony of Feel-Good Melodies:

KOST 103.5 FM is more than a radio station; it's a symphony of feel-good melodies that mirrors the diverse rhythms of Los Angeles. From the sun-kissed beaches to the iconic Hollywood Hills, KOST 103.5 curates a playlist that resonates with the emotions of Angelenos.

Ellen K Morning Show: A Morning Oasis of Entertainment:

Start your day on a high note with the Ellen K Morning Show, the jewel in KOST 103.5's crown. Ellen K and her team bring a blend of humor, heartwarming stories, and, of course, the perfect blend of Adult Contemporary tunes to kickstart your mornings.

Listen Live on radio-us.com:

Immerse yourself in the soothing sounds of Adult Contemporary by tuning in to KOST 103.5 live on radio-us.com. Whether you're cruising down Sunset Boulevard or relaxing in Griffith Park, this online platform ensures seamless access to the feel-good melodies that define KOST 103.5 FM. Just search for kost 103.5, and let the music transport you.

KOST 103.5 Christmas Magic:

Experience the enchantment of the holiday season with KOST 103.5's Christmas music extravaganza. As the air fills with the melodies of joy, KOST 103.5 becomes the soundtrack to your festive moments, making it the go-to station for Christmas cheer.

Contests and Community Engagement:

Engage with the KOST 103.5 community through exciting contests that add an extra layer of excitement to your listening experience. From exclusive giveaways to interactive challenges, KOST 103.5 keeps you entertained and involved.

KOST USA: Connecting Beyond Borders:

KOST 103.5 transcends local boundaries and becomes KOST USA, connecting with listeners far and wide. As a beacon of Adult Contemporary tunes, KOST USA reaches beyond Los Angeles, creating a global community of music enthusiasts.

KOST 103.5 FM is your portal to the melodic magic that defines the spirit of Los Angeles. With its commitment to delivering feel-good tunes, entertaining shows, and community engagement, the station becomes an integral part of the city's cultural identity. Whether you're a native Angeleno or a music enthusiast from afar, tuning in to KOST 103.5 FM on radio-us.com is your invitation to become part of the Adult Contemporary narrative that weaves through the palm-lined streets and iconic landmarks of Los Angeles. Let the music play, the city vibe groove, and KOST 103.5 FM be your rhythmic guide to the feel-good heartbeat of the City of Angels.

Call sign: KOST

Frequency: 103.5 FM

City of license: Los Angeles, CA

Format: Adult Contemporary

Owner: iHeartMedia

Area Served: Los Angeles

Sister stations: KFI AM 640, AM 570 LA Sports, The Patriot AM 1150, 104.3 MYfm, 102.7 KIIS FM, Real 92.3, ALT 98.7

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