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Wild Country 96.5

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Frequency:96.5 FM
Phone: (518) 483 -1100
Address:86 Porter Road Malone NY 12953
Website: https://www.country965.com

In the heartland of America, where open fields and endless horizons define the landscape, there's a radio station that captures the essence of the wild, free spirit of the countryside. Wild Country 96.5 is the Country Music station that serves as the melodic soul of the region. Owned and operated by Martz Communications Group, and now under the umbrella of Audacy, it's where lovers of country music turn to feel the essence of rural life in every note. Whether you're looking for the twang of a guitar or the heartfelt lyrics of a ballad, Wild Country 96.5 has it all. Let's delve into what makes this station the heart of Country Music in the heartland.

Wild Country 96.5: Where Country Music Roams:

Wild Country 96.5 is the musical embodiment of rural America. It's the station that plays the songs that define the country's soul, the melodies that tell stories of love, heartache, and the simple joys of life.

The Sound of the Countryside:

For anyone who appreciates the authenticity and storytelling that Country Music offers, Wild Country 96.5 is like a musical journey through the heartland. It transports you to a place where boots meet dust, and the stars shine brightly in the night sky.

Tune in Online:

To listen to Wild Country 96.5, all you need to do is visit radio-us.com. Whether you're in the heartland or anywhere else in the world, this online platform provides easy access to the sounds of rural America. Just search for Wild Country 96.5, and you're ready to embrace the country way of life.

A Musical Connection:

Wild Country 96.5 isn't just a radio station; it's a connection to the heartland. It fosters a sense of community among its listeners, linking them through the songs that define their lives.

Wild Country 96.5 is more than just a radio station; it's the heartbeat of the heartland. With a perfect blend of country tunes, heartfelt lyrics, and an easily accessible online platform, Wild Country 96.5 is the ultimate source for lovers of Country Music. Whether you're living the country life or simply embracing its essence from afar, Wild Country 96.5 keeps the spirit of rural America alive and well in every musical note.

  • Call sign: WVNV
  • Frequency: 96.5 FM
  • City of license: Malone, NY
  • Format: Country Music
  • Owner: Martz Communications Group