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96.1 KISS

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Frequency:96.1 FM
Phone: 412-937-1441 / 412-937-9610
Address:200 Fleet St, Pittsburgh, PA 15220
Website: https://961kiss.iheart.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/961KISS
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/iHeartRadioPittsburgh
Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/961kiss
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/961kisspgh

In the heart of the Steel City, where the pulse of Pittsburgh resonates with youthful energy and contemporary vibes, 96.1 KISS stands tall as the ultimate playground for Top 40 hits. As a Top 40 radio station, 96.1 KISS is the rhythmic maestro that keeps the city grooving to the latest beats and chart-topping anthems. Let's explore why 96.1 KISS is not just a station; it's a sonic celebration that invites Pittsburghers to dance, sing, and live in the now on radio-us.com.

96.1 KISS: The Soundtrack of Now:

96.1 KISS is more than a radio station; it's the living, breathing soundtrack of the present. From the latest chart-toppers to the beats that define the current musical landscape, the station is the go-to destination for those who want to stay ahead of the musical curve.

Top 40 Hits That Resonate:

Immerse yourself in the world of Top 40 hits that resonate with the vibrant spirit of Pittsburgh. 96.1 KISS brings you the songs that are not just heard but felt, becoming the anthem for a generation that thrives on the beats of the now.

Listen Live on radio-us.com:

Experience the beat of the moment by tuning in to 96.1 KISS on radio-us.com. Whether you're out and about in Pittsburgh or streaming from across the globe, this online platform ensures easy access to the pulsating sounds that define 96.1 KISS. Simply search for 96.1 KISS, and let the hits roll.

Your Dance Floor Anywhere:

96.1 KISS isn't just a station; it's your personal dance floor wherever you go. From the catchy hooks that get you moving to the infectious tunes that become the backdrop of your day, 96.1 KISS is the beat that follows you.

Be Part of the 96.1 KISS Community:

Join the vibrant community that rallies around the beats of 96.1 KISS. Engage with fellow fans, participate in exciting events, and celebrate the shared love for the hottest tracks that dominate the airwaves.

96.1 KISS is your ticket to the beating heart of Pittsburgh's contemporary music scene. With its commitment to delivering the latest hits, the station becomes an integral part of the daily rhythm for music enthusiasts in the Steel City. So, whether you're a Pittsburgh native or a global citizen eager to experience the city's musical pulse, tuning in to 96.1 KISS on radio-us.com is your invitation to be part of the ever-evolving soundscape of Pittsburgh. Let the beats play, the excitement build, and 96.1 KISS be your guide to the Top 40 hits that define the now.