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Frequency:104.7 FM
Phone: 412-937-1441 / 412-333-1047
Address:200 Fleet St, Pittsburgh, PA 15220

In the picturesque city where bridges weave over rivers and the spirit of the Steel City resonates through every neighborhood, BIG 104.7 emerges as the melodic storyteller of Pittsburgh. As a Country Music radio station, BIG 104.7 captures the soul of the city, providing a sonic journey through the heartland's tales and tunes. Let's explore why BIG 104.7 is not just a station; it's the country heartbeat of Pittsburgh, inviting you to sway to the rhythm of the genre on

BIG 104.7: A Symphony of Country Sounds:

BIG 104.7 is more than a radio station; it's a symphony of country sounds that mirrors the diverse landscapes of Pittsburgh. From the rolling hills to the urban streets, the station brings the warmth of country melodies to every corner of the city.

Country Tales and Tunes:

Immerse yourself in the rich storytelling tradition of country music with BIG 104.7. The station weaves tales of love, heartbreak, and the everyday experiences that resonate with Pittsburgh's residents, creating a musical tapestry that reflects the soul of the community.

Listen to the Country Rhythms on

Experience the heartland melodies by tuning in to BIG 104.7 on Whether you're driving through the scenic byways of Pittsburgh or relaxing at home, this online platform ensures easy access to the authentic country sounds that define BIG 104.7. Just search for BIG 104.7, and let the country rhythms play.

Your Country Companion:

BIG 104.7 isn't just a station; it's your country companion. From the foot-stomping anthems that lift your spirits to the heartfelt ballads that evoke emotions, BIG 104.7 is the soundtrack for those who appreciate the authenticity and storytelling prowess of country music.

Be Part of the BIG 104.7 Community:

Join the close-knit community that celebrates the love for country music with BIG 104.7. Engage with fellow fans, discover upcoming country events, and be part of a musical family that finds solace and joy in the sounds of the heartland.

BIG 104.7 is your gateway to the country soul of Pittsburgh. With its commitment to curating authentic country sounds and connecting with the community, the station becomes a cultural cornerstone for those who cherish the storytelling magic of country music. So, whether you're a country aficionado born and raised in the Steel City or a listener from afar eager to explore the heartland tunes, tuning in to BIG 104.7 on is your invitation to become part of the country rhythm that beats at the core of Pittsburgh. Let the tunes play, the stories unfold, and BIG 104.7 be your guide to the country heartbeat of the city.a